Process Engineer, Flexible Packaging, Extrusion

Company Name:
Global Recruiters Of Fairfax
This is a leading flexible packaging company dedicated to above average grwoth through superior efforts in innovation adn technolgy to the Food industry. The Process Eengineer will report to the Extrusion Department at this plant and solves technical, quality, and production probelsm in order to assure consistent producion. To accomplish this the Process Enginner must work with customer and manufacturing teams to measure, evaluate, and improve manufacturing practices, while making changes in equipment performace through process changes.
This position requires a Bachelor's degree in Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical or Plastics Engineering, 5 years experieince in a process engineering or product development management role, and previous printing & converting experience which includes extrusion, laminating, coating, and flexographic printing. Additional substrate, polymer, and materials knowldge including fim, paper, and foil is required along with demonstrated project managment skills.
No International Sponsoship Considered. All Qualified candidates are asked to contact:

Dick Bordwell
Global Recruiters of Fairfax
(703) 266-7294 Office
(703) 626-8980 Cell

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